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 Situated in the post-war era of 17th century Chosun dynasty, Ghost Breath is a location-based AR game where the player hunts and captures 108 monsters scattered cross the country.

   Augmented reality shooting action engages the player while he attempts to capture and seal monsters.

   The game is playable only at night, which adds to the horror game experience.

   Coco's Adventure is a location-based AR game where the Mook tribe is out to invade mother Earth, and it is up to Coco and his friends to stop this from happening.

   Search and stop the Melancholy Machine from inflicting harm as the player navigates through the world riding on a motion simulator which serves as a VR attraction for the target audience.

 Relic's Soul is a location-based AR game where the  player searches nearby ancient relics to extract souls and  summon spirits to battle other players.

 There are 3 civilizations and 2 battle camps to choose from, after which the player can build and customize 300 spiritual characters.

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