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Business & Management
Eunsik Jo, CEO, Management.

Eunsik majored in aeorspace engineering and business(double major). He is trying to create new type of game.

James Kwon, CTO, S/W

James majored in Computer Science (Master) Mobile security. He enjoys playing games and loves music. His dream is to be a lucrative part-time instructor.

Hyunggyu Kim, S/W(client/library)

Hyunggyu is passionate software developer who falls in love with mint color. He always drinks mint chocolate latte.

Siyoung Jang, H/W

Siyoung has over 10 years of work experience as a hardware developer. he has two cats!!

SeongHun Seo, S/W(client)

He loves make game. And he has the most beautiful desktop in our team.

Boram Kim, Art director

Boram is making 3D animation and his specialty is Unity shader. He is just cool guy.

Mi-ae O, Illustration

She draws very quietly but her works are brilliant!!

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